Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Xiaomi mi 5s and 5s plus launched

               XIAOMI MI 5S and 5S PLUS

Yesterday Xiaomi launched it's new flagship devices Xiaomi Mi 5s and Mi 5s plus in China. It is upgarde to it's last flagship Xiaomi Mi 5. Xiaomi launched this device in competition with one plus 3 and Leeco le 3 pro. This smartphone packs really impressive features at very affordable rates. Let's see what are their features.

Xiaomi mi 5s has a 5.15 inch, full HD IPS LCD display and Xiaomi mi 5s plus has 5.7 inch full HD display. Both the smartphones are powered by snapdragon 821 processor which company claims to be 10% faster than snapdragon 820. Xiaomi Mi 5s comes in two versions 64GB memory, 3GB ram and 128GB memory, 4GB ram while Xiaomi Mi 5s plus comes with 64GB memory, 4GB ram and 128GB memory, 6GB ram.

Camera of both the phones has also upgraded. Xiaomi mi 5s has 12 MP rear camera with f/2.0 aperture and also has PDAF, which is a new feature. It has secondary camera of 4MP with f/2.0 aperture.
Xiaomi mi 5s plus has dual camera support both have 13 MP sensors. One captures coloured photos and the other one captures only black and white photos. The latter one allows more amount of light to enter, so the pics have more amount of detail. Both the sensors has the combined effect to produce the better coloured photos.

These devices have ultrasonic superfast fingerprint sensor which uses the new Qualcomm Snapdragon sense ID. 

These smartphones have a aluminium unibody design with brushed metal finish and curved edges for better grip.

Higher end version of Xiaomi Mi 5s has pressure sensitive display.

Xiaomi mi 5s has 3200 mah of battery while Xiaomi Mi 5s plus has 3800. Mah of battery.

These smartphones come in four colours gold, silver, gray and rose gold.


Xiaomi mi 5s (64GB) - $299
Xiaomi mi 5s (128GB) - $344
Xiaomi mi 5s plus (64GB) - $344
Xiaomi mi 5s plus (128GB) - $389

Sunday, 25 September 2016

New smartphones This week


Last week many new  smartphones launched in India as well as outside world.
Lenovo Z2 plus, Moto E3 Samsung Galaxy J7 prime and J5 prime. I will be telling some of their specifications in this.

Lenovo Z2 Plus
Lenovo launched Lenovo Z2 Plus last week in India at a very impressive rate as compared to it's features.

Processor : quad core Snapdragon 820
Memory : 32GB and 64GB model
Ram : 3GB for 32GB
           4GB for 64GB
Display : full HD display 1080*1920 pixels
Size : 5.0 inch
OS : Android version marshmallow (6.0.1)
Camera :
Primary: 13MP with f/2.2 aperture, phase
                detection autofocus
Video : upto 4k
Secondary : 8 MP
Pricing : 18000 INR - 32 GB
                20000 INR- 64 GB

The pricing of this phone is really impressive as many of other smartphones such as Xiaomi mi 5 and one plus 3 which have same specs are priced higher than this. So let's see who it performs. I will be posting it's full review later on.

Moto E3 Power
Last week lenovo also launched a new smartphone under it's moto series - Moto E3 Power. This is a budget oriented smartphone. It is priced at 7999 INR.

Processor : Mediatek MT6735
Memory : 16GB, 2GB RAM
Display : HD display, 720*1280p
Size : 5.0 inch
OS : Android OS marshmallow v 6.0.1
Primary: 8 MP autofocus
Video : 720@ 30fps
Secondary : 5 MP

This phone skips on some basic sensors it only has accelerometer and proximity. I will be posting it's full review soon.

Samsung Galaxy J7 prime
Samsung launched upgraded version of j7 with just some few upgrades. Now it has a fingerprint sensor. Now it also has full metallic body. But here again the legacy of Samsung continues, it skips the basic sensors as usual.

Processor :  Exynos 7870 octacore chip
Memory : 16GB, 3GB ram
Display : 1080*1920 display
Size : 5.5 inch
OS : Android OS v6.0.1 (marshmallow)
Primary: 13 MP with f/1.9 aperture
Video : upto full HD
Secondary : 8 MP with f/1.9 aperture
Pricing : 18750 INR

The pricing of this smartphone is not at all acceptable, it is really overpriced. The smartphones such as redmi note 3 is available at half the price and with more sensors.

Samsung Galaxy J5 prime
Samsung galaxy J5 prime is upgarde to the Samsung Galaxy J5. It mainly adds metallic body and fingerprint sensor. It also skips in some of the basic sensors.

Processor : quad core 1.4GHz cortex A-53
Memory : 16GB, 2GB ram
Display : full HD 1080*1920 pixels
Size : 5.0 inch
OS : Android OS v 6.0.1 (marshmallow)
Camera :
Primary : 13MP f/1.9 aperture
Video : upto full HD
Secondary : 5MP f/2.2 aperture

This phone also seems to be overpriced. It is priced at 14790 INR. It has features like redmi 3s prime which is available at just 9999 INR.

There are also many other smartphones which are going to launch soon in India. Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy note 7 both are launching on 7th October in India.

Smartphones which are going to launch globally but there Indian launch is not set, are Xiaomi mi 5s and Google pixel which will displace Google's Nexus series. This HTC is making this Google pixel smartphone.

Xiaomi also launched mi band 2 and mi purifier in India. Mi band 2 is priced at 1,999 INR and Mi purifier at 9,999 INR. These are available from 27th September on and 30th September on Amazon.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Cancellation of PROJECT ARA

                          Project ARA

Last year Google announced a new concept smartphone under it's project ARA. Google announced this phone in order to change the whole smartphone market. This smartphone uses the modules concept in which there are different modules for every part of phone.

There are different modules which can swipe just like tiles on back of your smartphone. There are modules for every part such as battery, processor, speaker, camera, sensors and many more. We can also swipe phone's display. The main motive of this is that the modules can be swiped just like tiles, it means that  we can change every part of our phone just by swiping these modules and we can ourselves do this work without any help. We just have to buy a new module.


Main motive of this project is that if we want to upgrade our phone we don't need to buy a new phone, we can simply buy new upgraded module and simply change it with the old one. If we want to have a better camera we can simply go for a camera module without changing our smartphone. If phone's display break down we only have to buy a display module. If we want a better processor we only buy a processor module. If we want some special sensor we can go for that sensor module. Just like this we can buy other modules and fix them up.

Nowadays many smartphones are available in market and they are really good. Flagships are the best device of a company, everything is best in them such as camera, processor, display ,design and all others. Their cost is also really high. If we want to buy a smartphone with the best processor only, does a person really need to buy a flagship? No he shouldn't but he has to buy as he want the best processing in his smartphone. Take the example of snapdragon 820 processor, this processor is only available in flagships like Samsung s7, HTC 10, LG g5 and others. So the person have to spend 50000 INR only just for best processing. These phones have all things best such as camera, display, design and many more. If a person want only one or two of these best feature he have to buy one of these flagship. Nowadays after a year our phone become outdated, but we want that our phone should be up to date with new technology. So we have to buy a new  smartphone. But with this smartphone we don't have to buy a new smartphone we only have to buy new modules.

Google know this condition that's why it announced project ARA to save the money of people. Last year Google has to launch this smartphone but due to some reason it has postponed the launch date to this year in 3rd or 4th quarter of 2016. But few days ago Google confirmed that project ARA has been cancelled.

But why Google has cancelled this? But these type of smartphones should be available in market because these are very helpful. Some companies are trying to launch some module concept based smartphones such as LG G5 and moto Z series. But even these smartphones are not like project ARA based smartphones. These are a just a little part of ARA smartphone.

So let's hope that Google will again start it's work on project ARA.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How Chinese companies manage to launch smartphones at so much cheap rates?

           Motive of Chinese companies
Earlier in the smartphones market there were only few players such as Samsung, Apple, LG, htc, Motorola, Nokia and a few  more. They were only, who made smartphones and sell them in market. But from the previous two or three years there is a drastic change in smartphone market. Many new players have entered this market worldwide such as Micromax, Xiaomi, intex, Lenovo, One plus, oppo, Gionee and many more. And the most prominent among them are Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Lenovo, oneplus, leeco, Asus, meizu etc.

Chinese companies have made a very big drastic change in the market by launching very good smartphones at a very cheap rates.
So now various questions arise in our minds, how do they manage to launch these smartphones at these rates? Don't they face loses?
How do they manage to sell such a huge amount of smartphones?
Why don't other companies like Samsung don't launch smartphone at same rates with identical features?
I would like to answer your questions in this after which all things will be clear to you. So let's get started........

Let's take the example of Samsung, Samsung is a really big player in worldwide mobile market. Since a decade it is making very good smartphones and launching them in market. It has made a very good position in the eyes of consumers. So Samsung also want to build perfect smartphones for it's consumers. As a result Samsung spend a lot of money to build a good phone so as to remain it's position.

Samsung spend a lot on optimisation between the phone's software and hardware as to provide smooth performance. It also spend a lot on advertisement by hiring many superstars in it which attract more customers. Samsung has to recreate best engineers and workers to work in their company so there salaries are also higher. Samsung also spend very much on it's management department. Samsung launch smartphone in every price segment starting from around 8000 INR and goes upto 60000 INR. The best smartphone produced by Samsung among these price segment are flagship one's which cost above 50000 INR. It's flagship smartphones are the best among all other flagships. So to provide such a great smartphone it has to spend a lot. The Samsung's AMOLED display are famous all around the world so to produce these displays it has to spend a lot. It's flagships also has a very premium design, so it's design team should be also among best. These companies sold their smartphones through online as well as offline mode. After sales servicesl of these companies is also very good as you can easily find their service centres in every part of the country.

Now take the example of a Chinese smartphone brand such as Xiaomi. Xiaomi from last two years are producing very good phones under cheap prices. They are producing very premium smartphones which looks costly.
So why are they cheaper?
These companies don't look towards optimisation with that much care. They just simply take processor and put it in their smartphone, they don't bother about optimisation between software and hardware.
These companies also don't do something new they just copy the companies like Samsung, HTC, Apple etc. so they don't spend much in research and development.
These companies also have some quality control issues. All the units may or may not be equal in equal in quality.
These companies also don't spend much in advertising.
They also occupy their employees with lower salaries than other and don't even give that much facilities to them.
There after sales service is not that much great because they have very few service centres.

But it doesn't mean that Chinese companies produce bad products. It has produced one of the best phones in that price range such redmi note 3, one plus 3, redmi note pro, Lenovo moto g4 plus and many more. There price is only less there is not that much difference of a chinese device from a Samsung device or any other company like that. One plus 3 is proved to be one of the very smooth smartphones even faster than Samsung Galaxy note 7. So Chinese devices are also good.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Which smartphone to buy in different in price segments?

Nowadays there are many options of smartphones available in market. There are many companies launching their smartphones one after the other in budget, mid-range and flagship price bracket. These companies include big partners such as Samsung, apple, HTC, LG, Sony and some small partners such as Xiaomi, Micromax, Lenovo, Oneplus etc.

So it's been very difficult for people to choose which smartphone to buy in their preferred budget these days. So I am telling about, 'which smartphone to buy in different price segment?' diminishing this confusion. I will divide my review in three price segments budget (6000 INR - 15000 INR), mid-range (18000 INR - 35000 INR) and flagship (40000 INR - 70000 INR).

Firstly I will start with the budget one's and afterwards I will tell about higher one's.

                  Budget smartphones

Budget smartphones are used by most of the people. These smartphones cost start from 6000 INR and goes upto around  15000 INR. There are many choices available in the market such as redmi note 3, lenovo zuk z1, lenovo vibe k5 note, redmi 3s prime, moto g4, moto g4 plus, lenovo vibe k5 plus, Samsung J5, Samsung J7, Samsung On5, Samsung on 7 and many more. There are many other smartphones which will launch in India soon such as redmi note pro, redmi note 4, leeco le 2s, cooL 1.

So if your budget is restricted to 7000 INR
you can go for redmi 3s. This smartphone is best in this class.
If you want to check my full review on this smartphone you can check it on my review.

If you want to spend around 10000 -12000  INR you can go for redmi note 3 and lenovo vibe k5 note. Lenovo vibe k5 note has a slightly better camera and sound output than redmi note 3 but redmi note 3 has a better processor.

If you want to spend around 15000 INR you can go for moto g4 plus or lenovo zuk z1. Moto g4 plus has a lot of heating issues, it heats a lot even with day to day usage but it's camera is really impressive, best in this class. Lenovo zuk z1 also has a good decent camera but it comes under moto g4 plus in camera. Lenovo zuk z1 has better battery life. My personal choice goes to lenovo zuk z1 because it is an all rounder smartphone and doesn't heat like moto g4 plus.

                 Mid range smartphone

These smartphones are priced between 18000 - 40000 INR. There are a few choices of smartphones available in the market in this price range such as lenovo vibe x3, moto x play, one plus 2, one plus 3, Asus zenfone 3, Xiaomi mi 5, leeco max 2, Samsung A7, Samsung A8, Samsung A9, Nexus 5x, honor 7 and many more. Leeco will launch it's new smartphone this month named leeco max 3 pro which also comes in this price segment.

If you want to spend around 22000 INR you can go for one plus 2. It is best smartphone available in this price. It is very smooth smartphone and has a nice camera. You can also go for Nexus 5x if you want to experience stock Android experience and want quick updates. But this smartphone looks really cheap because of it's plastic design.

If you want to spend around 25000 - 27000 INR, the best option available in the market is One plus 3 due to it's flagship features. This smartphone is really cool as it has premium design, very fast processing, decent camera, fast charging etc. This smartphone provide all flagship features cat a very cheap price.
    You can also go for Xiaomi mi 5 as it has a better design and slightly better camera than one plus 3. But all other things are better in one plus 3 such as battery life , ram management, processing etc.

If you want to spend around 35000 - 39000 INR, you can go for Nexus 6p. It is also a very good smartphone. It has an additional feature of stock Android experience as we  know about all Nexus devices. It is slightly better than one plus 3 in some respects. But if you have to choose between one plus 3 and Nexus 6p my personal vote goes to one plus 3 by seeing it's price and just a few differences.

                     Flagship devices

Flagship smartphones are most perfect smartphones under these categories. These are the company's best and most costly smartphone. A company's quality can be determined by it's flagship handsets. Companies spend a lot of money in every department in making of this smartphone such as camera, battery life, design, optimisation, advertisement etc. These smartphones lie under price range of 40000 - 70000 INR. There are many flagship devices available in indian market right now such as Samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge, Samsung galaxy note 7, Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus, LG G5, HTC 10, Sony xperia X series and many more. There are other which will be launched in India very soon such as iPhone 7 and moto z series.

The best among these smartphones available right now in market is Samsung galaxy s7 edge. This smartphone is best among all flagships. It has the best camera in class, very premium glass and metal design, best display, good battery life, very fast processing and good ram management. These features make it a flagship killer. This is not only feature proof but the end user experience is also really nice.

If you are an Apple fanboy you  can also go for Apple iPhone 6s plus due to it's really fast processing, better brand value and more secure phone.

You can also purchase LG G5 due to it's extra module system by which you can extend your battery, you can enhance your sound output and can also increase your camera quality. But for this you have to carry extra modules with you and this also make your phone thicker. Also you have to pay extra charge for it's modules

You can also go for HTC 10. It is also a good smartphone but the design of this smartphone is really is not very premium. It looks a sort of ugly.

Samsung galaxy note 7 which was launched last month is slightly better than Samsung s7 edge in some respects. But as of now it has a lot of battery issues, battery getting exploded catching fire, which is a very serious problem. This is all due quality control issue. But Samsung is accepting it's mistake and replacing all the defective units. So when Samsung will launch note 7 in India you can go for it.

But as of now the best smartphone available in market Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. Maybe in few days when Apple will launch it's iPhone 7 in India, it may be better than this. So you can wait for few days for Apple to launch it's Apple iPhone 7 if you can. But you are in a hurry, you can go for Samsung s7 edge without any worry.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Reliance Jio Real Facts

Reliance has launched it's Jio 4g service for all the 4g headset users. Those who want to have a jio sim can have it from any reliance digital store. After getting the sim, users will get all the reliance services absolutely free of cost till 31st of December. Free service include unlimited 4g data, free calling, free roaming and all the reliance jio apps which include music, movies, T.V. etc. Even after 31st December voice calls and roaming will be free of cost only you have to pay money for data plans.

So for this company has launched many tariff plans at very competitive rates. Tariffs start at the rate of 149 INR and go upto 4999 INR. Now I will talk about most common plans which are applicable from 1st of January. The most basic plan is of 149 in which you get free outgoing, free roaming and 300mb of 4g data. This has validity of 28 days.
Another plan is of 299 in which you get 2gb of 4g data, free calling, free roaming, 100 national and local SMS and free 4gb of WiFi hotspot valid for 21 days.
Next plan is for 499 in which you get 4gb of of 4g data, free calling, free roaming, free local and national SMS and free 8gb of WiFi hotspot valid for 28 days.
The most premium plan is for for 4999 in which you get 75gb of 4g data, free calling, free roaming, free local and national SMS and free 150gb of WiFi hotspot valid for 28 days.


The speeds of reliance 4g was amazing upto few days ago but now the company is throttling the speeds. The traffic is increasing on reliance 4g network as more and more people are using Reliance 4g due to which speeds are decreasing day by day. Sometimes we can get very good speeds but sometimes the speeds are even less than 3g network. Many users have noticed that during morning the speeds are really good but as the time passes away the speeds decreases and even can become worse.

So the question arises that is it right to buy reliance Jio sim now?
My opinion is that you should wait for sometime and be patient. After some time it will be clear, that what will be the speeds on reliance Jio? Will reliance solve the issues of it's voice calls? As the call quality is really bad on the reliance network. We have to try 3-4 times if you want to call someone. So reliance network is not reliable for calling purposes. But you can use it as a secondary sim.



Sunday, 4 September 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery issues

Samsung launched samsung galaxy note 7 last month. It's one of the best flagship phones available in the market. But many of it's users are facing battery issues worldwide. Many users also claim that their battery catching fire.

So Samsung acknowledged the issue immediately and set up an investigation. Samsung is now recalling all the Samsung note 7 devices. All the users are promised a replacement as soon as possible. Samsung has also suspended the sale of further galaxy note 7 devices until all the faulty devices are withdrawn from the market and only unaffected devices are available for purchase.

Samsung is doing a great job by accepting it's mistake and replacing all faulty devices. We hope that this issue get resolved quickly because it is the effecting the Samsung's competition in market.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Samung GALAXY note 7


Samsung launched it's new note series smartphone last month named Samsung galaxy note 7. This smartphone is successor to Samsung's last year samsung galaxy note 5. This smartphone is a flagship one. The main feature of this is it's s pen. Samsung also added a new feature of iris scanner to this. It comes with 64 GB of storage and has a ram options of 4GB and 6GB. Company launched 4GB version of galaxy note 7 in India but it didn't reveal anything  about 6GB version. This smartphone is priced at 60000 INR. So let's see that it is a good buy at this price or not.


Size : 5.7 inch, 153.5*73.9*7.9mm
Display : Super AMOLED capacitive   
Resolution : 1440*2560 pixels
Weight : 169 gm
Processor : Exynos 8890 (octa core 4*2.3
                     GHz and 4*1.6GHz)
                     Snapdragon 820 (quad core)
Operating system : Android OS v6.0.1
                                   Marshmallow, planned
                                  upgrade to v7.0
GPU : Mali-T880 MP12
Memory : 64GB ,4GB
SD card : microsd upto 256GB
Camera :
Primary : 12 MP, f/1.7 aperture with phase
                 detection autofocus, Optical
                 image stabilisation, LED flash
                 video recording upto 4K
Secondary : 5MP f/1.7 aperture
3.5 mm jack : yes
Battery : Non removable Li-Ion 3500 mah
Sensors : fingerprint, proximity, compass,
                  iris scanner, accelerometer,
                 gyro, barometer, heart rate, Sp02
Colour : Blue Coral, gold platinum, silver
               titanium, black onyx
USB : v3.1 type - c 1.0 reversible
Radio : No
NFC : Yes


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has one of the best designs I have ever seen in a flagship device. It comes with very premium design. It has glass and metal design. On back it has Corning gorilla glass 5 which protect it and as well as give it a very shinny back which looks really premium. On sides it has curved edges just like Samsung s7 edge, which give it a grip and also looks nice. On top it has SIM tray and secondary noise cancellation. On bottom it has USB type- C port, microphone, and loudspeaker. The S pen is also at bottom which is main feature of this phone. On left it has volume rockers and on right it has power on/off buttons. Overall we can say Samsung has done a very good work on the design. Samsung has done a very good job on the design. Design is so premium that it even looks better than iPhone 6s.


Just as always Samsung AMOLED's display are best in world and even this time Samsung has provided it's best display in Note 7. The display is a quad HD AMOLED dispaly. The resolution of display is 1440*2560 pixel. The brightness levels are really good. The colours are very good. Sunlight visibility is also very good even better than any other flagship. Movies and any other videos are very enjoyable on the device, due to such vibrant display. Overall we can say Samsung has done a great job on making it's display as always.

                        BATTERY LIFE

Samsung galaxy note 7 comes with non removable Li ion 3500 mah battery. The battery life is good on this device. We can get screen on time of about 4-5 hours on this. If we charge it fully in morning, it will end up for a full working day with about 20% of battery life. But this battery life is for Exynos version but I have heard that snapdragon version has slightly less battery life. We can say that battery life on Samsung note 7 is decent.

                      FAST CHARGING

Samsung galaxy note 7 comes with a fast charger. It supports fast charging. It also supports wireless charging. But it takes about 90 odd minutes for full charge.


Samsung galaxy note 7 comes in two variants one comes with snapdragon 820 and other comes with Exynos 8890. I am telling here about the Exynos version. The processing is really decent on this device. It can easily handle the day to day tasks. Gaming us also very good on this device. It can easily play the heavy games such as asphalt 8, Nova 3, dead trigger 2 etc. Even temperatures are under control during heavy games. But there are many animations lag during day to day tasks. But they can be fixed by decreasing the animations scale in developer mode.

                   RAM MANAGEMENT

Ram management is decent on this device. But Samsung can make it better because it has 4GB of ram and it doesn't have the same ram management as compared to other devices having same ram.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is totally water and dust resistant. So we shouldn't care about water spills. We can also use this smartphone under water.


The biggest cone of this device is that it is prone to scratches. Samsung has used gorilla glass 5 protection at the back to improve the grip as gorilla glass 4 which was used in samsung galaxy s7 makes the s7 very slippery. Grip has improved on galaxy note 7 but now it's back is prone to scratches. Even if you take very much care of your device you will definitely see scratches at the back. So Samsung should have cared about this before choosing the protection.


Samsung galaxy note 7 has a single loudspeaker at the bottom. Loudspeaker is adequately loud. We can enjoy music on this device very well.


Primary: Samsung galaxy note 7 has a 12MP primary camera with f/1.7 aperture. It has phase detection autofocus, Optical image stabilisation and LED flash. The pictures captured with the primary camera are very good. The colours are vibrant. In good light conditions the pics captured are really good with lot of detail and good colour reproduction. Colours come really accurate. In low lightening conditions the camera performs same, there is less noise and the colours are good and pictures are very bright. Samsung has done a really great job in its camera department. Simply we can say it has one of the best cameras in the flagship ones. But there is a minor cone in it's primary camera the videos are a little bit shaky. Other than this the camera is best in class.

Secondary: The secondary camera performs equally well as the primary camera. The pics are good, have good colour reproduction, bright and has a lot of detail, in natural artificial as well as low light conditions. Noise levels are really low as compared to the other cameras in the same class, in low and artificial lightening conditions.


The new feature which comes in samsung galaxy note 7 is IRIS scanner. The IRIS scanner is accurate and unlocks the phone fast. Most of the time it recognises the person accurately and unlocks phone. To add this IR scanner Samsung has an infrared camera at front.
          Instead of this IRIS scanner it also has fingerprint scanner which is also fast. It unlocks the phone fast but it is not as fast as iPhone 6s.

                     FINAL VERDICT

Samsung has developed it's best phone ever which is galaxy note 7. This phone is more more or less like Samsung s7 edge instead of some additional features such as good grip, IRIS scanner, S pen functionality and better display. If you are upgrading from Samsung galaxy note 5 or some other flagship device you can upgrade but if you wanna upgrade from s7 edge it is not a good option. So you should wait for iPhone 7 or some other next series flagships.

Best camera in class (same as s7 edge)
Better grip
IRIS scanner
Dust and water resistant

Could have better ram management
Easily prone to scratches
Shaky video recording




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