Friday, 23 September 2016

Cancellation of PROJECT ARA

                          Project ARA

Last year Google announced a new concept smartphone under it's project ARA. Google announced this phone in order to change the whole smartphone market. This smartphone uses the modules concept in which there are different modules for every part of phone.

There are different modules which can swipe just like tiles on back of your smartphone. There are modules for every part such as battery, processor, speaker, camera, sensors and many more. We can also swipe phone's display. The main motive of this is that the modules can be swiped just like tiles, it means that  we can change every part of our phone just by swiping these modules and we can ourselves do this work without any help. We just have to buy a new module.


Main motive of this project is that if we want to upgrade our phone we don't need to buy a new phone, we can simply buy new upgraded module and simply change it with the old one. If we want to have a better camera we can simply go for a camera module without changing our smartphone. If phone's display break down we only have to buy a display module. If we want a better processor we only buy a processor module. If we want some special sensor we can go for that sensor module. Just like this we can buy other modules and fix them up.

Nowadays many smartphones are available in market and they are really good. Flagships are the best device of a company, everything is best in them such as camera, processor, display ,design and all others. Their cost is also really high. If we want to buy a smartphone with the best processor only, does a person really need to buy a flagship? No he shouldn't but he has to buy as he want the best processing in his smartphone. Take the example of snapdragon 820 processor, this processor is only available in flagships like Samsung s7, HTC 10, LG g5 and others. So the person have to spend 50000 INR only just for best processing. These phones have all things best such as camera, display, design and many more. If a person want only one or two of these best feature he have to buy one of these flagship. Nowadays after a year our phone become outdated, but we want that our phone should be up to date with new technology. So we have to buy a new  smartphone. But with this smartphone we don't have to buy a new smartphone we only have to buy new modules.

Google know this condition that's why it announced project ARA to save the money of people. Last year Google has to launch this smartphone but due to some reason it has postponed the launch date to this year in 3rd or 4th quarter of 2016. But few days ago Google confirmed that project ARA has been cancelled.

But why Google has cancelled this? But these type of smartphones should be available in market because these are very helpful. Some companies are trying to launch some module concept based smartphones such as LG G5 and moto Z series. But even these smartphones are not like project ARA based smartphones. These are a just a little part of ARA smartphone.

So let's hope that Google will again start it's work on project ARA.


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