Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Reliance Jio Real Facts

Reliance has launched it's Jio 4g service for all the 4g headset users. Those who want to have a jio sim can have it from any reliance digital store. After getting the sim, users will get all the reliance services absolutely free of cost till 31st of December. Free service include unlimited 4g data, free calling, free roaming and all the reliance jio apps which include music, movies, T.V. etc. Even after 31st December voice calls and roaming will be free of cost only you have to pay money for data plans.

So for this company has launched many tariff plans at very competitive rates. Tariffs start at the rate of 149 INR and go upto 4999 INR. Now I will talk about most common plans which are applicable from 1st of January. The most basic plan is of 149 in which you get free outgoing, free roaming and 300mb of 4g data. This has validity of 28 days.
Another plan is of 299 in which you get 2gb of 4g data, free calling, free roaming, 100 national and local SMS and free 4gb of WiFi hotspot valid for 21 days.
Next plan is for 499 in which you get 4gb of of 4g data, free calling, free roaming, free local and national SMS and free 8gb of WiFi hotspot valid for 28 days.
The most premium plan is for for 4999 in which you get 75gb of 4g data, free calling, free roaming, free local and national SMS and free 150gb of WiFi hotspot valid for 28 days.


The speeds of reliance 4g was amazing upto few days ago but now the company is throttling the speeds. The traffic is increasing on reliance 4g network as more and more people are using Reliance 4g due to which speeds are decreasing day by day. Sometimes we can get very good speeds but sometimes the speeds are even less than 3g network. Many users have noticed that during morning the speeds are really good but as the time passes away the speeds decreases and even can become worse.

So the question arises that is it right to buy reliance Jio sim now?
My opinion is that you should wait for sometime and be patient. After some time it will be clear, that what will be the speeds on reliance Jio? Will reliance solve the issues of it's voice calls? As the call quality is really bad on the reliance network. We have to try 3-4 times if you want to call someone. So reliance network is not reliable for calling purposes. But you can use it as a secondary sim.




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