Thursday, 15 September 2016

Which smartphone to buy in different in price segments?

Nowadays there are many options of smartphones available in market. There are many companies launching their smartphones one after the other in budget, mid-range and flagship price bracket. These companies include big partners such as Samsung, apple, HTC, LG, Sony and some small partners such as Xiaomi, Micromax, Lenovo, Oneplus etc.

So it's been very difficult for people to choose which smartphone to buy in their preferred budget these days. So I am telling about, 'which smartphone to buy in different price segment?' diminishing this confusion. I will divide my review in three price segments budget (6000 INR - 15000 INR), mid-range (18000 INR - 35000 INR) and flagship (40000 INR - 70000 INR).

Firstly I will start with the budget one's and afterwards I will tell about higher one's.

                  Budget smartphones

Budget smartphones are used by most of the people. These smartphones cost start from 6000 INR and goes upto around  15000 INR. There are many choices available in the market such as redmi note 3, lenovo zuk z1, lenovo vibe k5 note, redmi 3s prime, moto g4, moto g4 plus, lenovo vibe k5 plus, Samsung J5, Samsung J7, Samsung On5, Samsung on 7 and many more. There are many other smartphones which will launch in India soon such as redmi note pro, redmi note 4, leeco le 2s, cooL 1.

So if your budget is restricted to 7000 INR
you can go for redmi 3s. This smartphone is best in this class.
If you want to check my full review on this smartphone you can check it on my review.

If you want to spend around 10000 -12000  INR you can go for redmi note 3 and lenovo vibe k5 note. Lenovo vibe k5 note has a slightly better camera and sound output than redmi note 3 but redmi note 3 has a better processor.

If you want to spend around 15000 INR you can go for moto g4 plus or lenovo zuk z1. Moto g4 plus has a lot of heating issues, it heats a lot even with day to day usage but it's camera is really impressive, best in this class. Lenovo zuk z1 also has a good decent camera but it comes under moto g4 plus in camera. Lenovo zuk z1 has better battery life. My personal choice goes to lenovo zuk z1 because it is an all rounder smartphone and doesn't heat like moto g4 plus.

                 Mid range smartphone

These smartphones are priced between 18000 - 40000 INR. There are a few choices of smartphones available in the market in this price range such as lenovo vibe x3, moto x play, one plus 2, one plus 3, Asus zenfone 3, Xiaomi mi 5, leeco max 2, Samsung A7, Samsung A8, Samsung A9, Nexus 5x, honor 7 and many more. Leeco will launch it's new smartphone this month named leeco max 3 pro which also comes in this price segment.

If you want to spend around 22000 INR you can go for one plus 2. It is best smartphone available in this price. It is very smooth smartphone and has a nice camera. You can also go for Nexus 5x if you want to experience stock Android experience and want quick updates. But this smartphone looks really cheap because of it's plastic design.

If you want to spend around 25000 - 27000 INR, the best option available in the market is One plus 3 due to it's flagship features. This smartphone is really cool as it has premium design, very fast processing, decent camera, fast charging etc. This smartphone provide all flagship features cat a very cheap price.
    You can also go for Xiaomi mi 5 as it has a better design and slightly better camera than one plus 3. But all other things are better in one plus 3 such as battery life , ram management, processing etc.

If you want to spend around 35000 - 39000 INR, you can go for Nexus 6p. It is also a very good smartphone. It has an additional feature of stock Android experience as we  know about all Nexus devices. It is slightly better than one plus 3 in some respects. But if you have to choose between one plus 3 and Nexus 6p my personal vote goes to one plus 3 by seeing it's price and just a few differences.

                     Flagship devices

Flagship smartphones are most perfect smartphones under these categories. These are the company's best and most costly smartphone. A company's quality can be determined by it's flagship handsets. Companies spend a lot of money in every department in making of this smartphone such as camera, battery life, design, optimisation, advertisement etc. These smartphones lie under price range of 40000 - 70000 INR. There are many flagship devices available in indian market right now such as Samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge, Samsung galaxy note 7, Apple iPhone 6s and 6s plus, LG G5, HTC 10, Sony xperia X series and many more. There are other which will be launched in India very soon such as iPhone 7 and moto z series.

The best among these smartphones available right now in market is Samsung galaxy s7 edge. This smartphone is best among all flagships. It has the best camera in class, very premium glass and metal design, best display, good battery life, very fast processing and good ram management. These features make it a flagship killer. This is not only feature proof but the end user experience is also really nice.

If you are an Apple fanboy you  can also go for Apple iPhone 6s plus due to it's really fast processing, better brand value and more secure phone.

You can also purchase LG G5 due to it's extra module system by which you can extend your battery, you can enhance your sound output and can also increase your camera quality. But for this you have to carry extra modules with you and this also make your phone thicker. Also you have to pay extra charge for it's modules

You can also go for HTC 10. It is also a good smartphone but the design of this smartphone is really is not very premium. It looks a sort of ugly.

Samsung galaxy note 7 which was launched last month is slightly better than Samsung s7 edge in some respects. But as of now it has a lot of battery issues, battery getting exploded catching fire, which is a very serious problem. This is all due quality control issue. But Samsung is accepting it's mistake and replacing all the defective units. So when Samsung will launch note 7 in India you can go for it.

But as of now the best smartphone available in market Samsung Galaxy s7 edge. Maybe in few days when Apple will launch it's iPhone 7 in India, it may be better than this. So you can wait for few days for Apple to launch it's Apple iPhone 7 if you can. But you are in a hurry, you can go for Samsung s7 edge without any worry.


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