Monday, 28 November 2016

One Plus 3T

One Plus came to India two years ago in 2014 with launch of it's One Plus 1 smartphone. This company is one of those companies which launch only one or two smartphones per year.
One Plus launched One Plus 3 in India in June. It is successor to the previous year launched one plus 2. One  3 got really hit all around the world. It packs all flagship features such as good built quality, snapdragon 821 processor, 6 GB ram, dash charger and many more at a very affordable price. It is one of the fluid android phones available in the market now.
Now the company has launched one more smartphone which is more or less like One Plus 3. The smartphone is named One Plus 3T. It has all things like One Plus 3 with few changes or we can say it is an upgraded version of One Plus 3. It has a bigger battery. It also has an improved front facing camera. Now it is powered by snapdragon 821 chipset as compared to snapdragon 820 on One Plus 3. There is an also change in color of the smartphone, now it comes with a gunmetal color. Rest other things are same as before.
Now take a look at some of the specs of one plus 3T:-
Display: 5.5 inch optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
Resolution: 1080*1920 full HD display
Processor: Qualcomm snapdragon 821 chipset
                   quad core (2*2.35 GHz kayo and 2*1.6 GHz)
GPU: Adreno 530
Ram: 6 GB ram
Memory: 64/128 GB
SD card: NO
Primary: 16MP with f/2.0 aperture, phase detection autofocus, OIS, LED flash
Video: 2160p @ 30fps, 720p @ 120fps
 Secondary: 16 MP with f/2.0 aperture, 
SIM: Dual SIM (Nano SIM, dual stand-by)
Battery: Non removable Li-ion 3400 mah battery
Sensors: fingerprint, proximity, compass, accelerometer, autobrightness, gyro
3.5 mm jack: Yes
Protection: Corning gorilla glass 4
OS: Oxygen OS, based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Dash charger
The most amazing feature of One Plus 3 is it's dash charger. This charger is specially designed by one plus for fast charging of One Plus 3. One plus 3 is one of the most chargeable phone in the market, it can fully the charge phone from 10% to 100% just in one hour. One Plus 3T also comes with this dash charger. So it will be really interesting to see the performance of dash charger with One Plus 3T.
One Plus 3T comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset. It has a quad core processor with 2 cores cloaked at 2.35 GHz and the other 2 cloaked at 1.6GHz. Snapdragon 821 is an upgraded version of snapdragon 820. It is proved to 10% more powerful than the snapdragon 820.
Battery life
One Plus 3 is equipped with a 3000 may battery. The battery life of One Plus 3 is just average. So company has improved it's battery life by upgrading the battery capacity of the phone in One Plus 3T to 3400 may.
Is it fair for one plus 3 customers?
Yes this is unfair with one plus 3 customers. As One Plus 3T has some better features than one plus 3. One Plus 3T will also be launching in the same price bracket so one plus 3 customers will be be disappointed from this. But still the one plus 3 is one of the most amazing android phones available in the market. It has not incurred any big changes, it has only undergone some minute changes which is not going to effect the user experience to that much great level.
Price of one plus 3T will be some thing around 30k to 32k in India. The pricing should be between this or slightly more so that one plus 3T will also get hit just like One Plus 3.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Strategies of chinese smartphone companies

Do powerful budget smartphones come to an end?

Nowadays there are many Chinese companies which are launching smartphones at very affordable price. These smartphones are really good and offer very good value for money. They have great displays, good built quality, great premium build and many more powerful features which make these smartphones a value for money. People actually like these smartphones very much because theses smartphones are offering very powerful features at very cheap rates and so these smartphones have a great demand in market. There are many smartphones launching from the last 3 years which offer many good features at very cheap rates such as one plus series, redmi note series, Lenovo K series and much more. And in 2016 redmi note 3 is the most affordable smartphone with really great features and this also breaks all records.


But have we ever thought how these companies manage to sell their smartphones at very affordable rates. How they give so much premium features which other companies like Samsung, htc failed to give in the smartphones in same price segment? How they make profits? Or they sell their smartphones by incurring losses? These questions arise in our minds about these smartphones which I will answer today. So let's get started...

These companies have a slightly different strategy. These companies actually don't have that much profit from their smartphones. As these companies are new they want to make a stand for them in this new market, so that people came to know about their smartphones and about their brands as they are new. These companies are actually thinking that the audience which are buying their smartphones will again buy their smartphones after 1 or 2 years when they want to upgrade their smartphones. There are many companies like this such as xiaomi, Lenovo, leeco, one plus and many more.

Actually these companies are claiming that they are not selling their smartphones at great profits now as to make a stand in new market. Even some companies are claiming that they are even selling their smartphones at losses which means that smartphone's building cost is more than it's selling price. So actually some of the companies are now increasing the prices of their smartphones, they are launching new smartphones at higher price. This thing is fair enough because company have to also get some profit and all work for profit only. These companies are one plus and Asus. And even after increasing their smartphone's price they are able to sell their smartphones like one plus 3 is a super hit smartphone.

But on the other hand their are still companies like xiaomi and Lenovo which are still launching their smartphones at a very affordable rate. So it would be interesting to see that whether they will do the same thing as one plus and Asus or they will continue to do what they are doing now.

The companies like Samsung have already settled in the world. They know that people are going to buy their smartphones at which price they want to launch them. Actually these companies may not be spending much to build their smartphones but there are other many costs which these companies have to face.

First of all these companies have a very great team as compared to the new partners like xiaomi and one plus, which don't have that much great team. So the company has to pay a large number of people. Also Samsung spend a lot in it's research and development department which increases the cost of phone. These companies also do a great advertisement to sell their smartphones. They give their ads in newspapers, hoardings, internet, magazines and by many more means. These companies also has a very good after sales services as these companies have many service centers all over the world, this also increases the cost of phone.


Most of the new partners only made their smartphones available online, these are not available in offline mode. They deal with the online retail venders like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal and pay them some amount of phone's cost. But the companies like Samsung made their smartphones available at online mode as well as offline mode. So as these are also available offline, this also increases the cost of the phone. To make these smartphones available in offline market there are many middlemen between the company and the retail shop. So all these middle men have to get some profit. As the mobile passes by these middlemen it's cost keeps on increasing. So as it reaches us it's cost has increased much, which is not the case with the new smartphone partners. So this is also one of the reason of high cost of these smartphones.

My opinionMy opinion is that the strategy of these Chinese companies and other new partners don't work in India. Actually people in India are very money minded. They want their smartphones really good but don't want to spend a lot on their smartphones. So they started buying these companies' smartphones. Due to which the sales of these smartphones go higher. But these companies are thinking that people will buy their smartphones even if they will increase their phone's price after 1 or 2 years. But this strategy doesn't work in India. Let's think if Asus launches a smartphone in India with mostly same specs as a Samsung's smartphone and with just a very less price difference, people of India will definitely go with Samsung's smartphone as it has very big brand name and good after sales service. Why people will spend their money on a Chinese smartphone which is offering the same specs as a Samsung's smartphone with in same price segment. So these companies have to apply some different strategies to secure their company's future.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Moto Z Play


Lenovo's sub brand Motorola launched it's two very unique phones last month that are Moto Z and Moto Z play. These phones are based on a new concept of Moto mod which can attach to these phones and increase their functionality. These devices have some magnetic type material at their backs at which these Moto mod get attached. This concept is just like the LG G5 which has the same concept of attaching different modules to the phone and increase their functionality. These Moto mod can enhance phone's battery life, camera quality, sound and much more. But today I will discuss about only one of the devices that is Moto Z play. Moto Z play is the lower end version of Moto Z. Moto Z offers all flagship features while Moto z play is on the mid range side. Motorola priced Moto Z play at 25000 INR in India. So let's check out whether it is a good buy at this price.

Display: 5.5 inch super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
Resolution: 1080*1920 pixels full HD
Processor: Qualcomm snapdragon 625 octacore processor with eight cortex A-53 cores each cloaked at 2.0GHz
Operating system: Android OS v6.0.1 Marshmallow, planned upgrade to Android 7 Nougat
Primary: 16MP with f/2.0 aperture, phase detection and laser autofocus, dual LED(dual tone) flash
Secondary: 5MP with f/2.2 aperture
Battery: non-removable 3510mah battery
Weight: 165 gm
SIM: dual sim(Nano sim)
SD card: micro SD
Dimensions: 156*76*7mm
3.5 mm jack: Yes
Sensors: Fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, autobrightness
Colors: Black, white
Motorola is known for it's built quality as all of us know. This time also Moto z play is a very well built phone. It really feels solid in hand. It has a metal and glass design. It has glass at back protected by gorilla glass 4 and metal at chasses. The glass at back looks really good and give it a very premium feel. The phone actually looks really premium, it looks like a flagship designed phone.
On top it has sim tray and secondary noise cancellation. On bottom it has USB type C port and 3.5 mm headphone jack. On right side it has volume rocker keys and power on/off button, very  weird placement for these buttons. On left it has nothing. On back it has rear camera and Moto branding. On front it has earpiece and fingerprint sensor. This is the physical overview of this device.

Moto Z play has a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display having full HD resolution. The display is actually very good on this phone. There is no yellow color tint on its display. We can say the display is as good as on the Samsung devices. The viewing angles are also very good on this device. The colors are really good. The brightness levels are also very good. The screen is also easily visible in direct sunlight. So sunlight visibility is also good.


Primary: Moto Z play is equipped with 16MP rear camera with an aperture of f/2.0. It has phase detection and laser autofocus with dual LED (dual tone) flash. The quality of pictures taken with Moto z play in natural lightening is really good. There is lot of detail in the images. The color accuracy is also good. The saturation levels are also good. The dynamic range is also good. But you have to be very careful with the macro shoots, because sometimes the objects in macro shoots are locked very well but sometimes the pictures come blurry due to not proper locking. The bouquet effect is also not so good as compared to the other phones in this price range. In low lightening and artificial lightening the pictures are decent, but we have to be extra careful because it skips Optical image stabilization so sometimes the pictures come out be blurry. There is also some noise in the pictures taken in extra low lightening conditions. It's camera performance is just average not some extra ordinary. It's just like other smartphones whose natural lightening conditions is good but in low lightening they don't perform so well. Mostly every smartphone in this price range faces the same problem.
Secondary: Moto Z play is equipped with 5MP secondary camera with f/2.2 aperture. The secondary camera also performs well. The selfies come out to be really good in natural as well as artificial lightening conditions. It's has a wide angle lens which can take vision of 85 degrees, so two persons easily fits in it's front camera.

Battery life
Moto Z Play is equipped with 3510 meh non removable battery. The battery life of this device is outstanding. It can easily give screen on time of about 7-8 hours which is very good for a mid range device. It's battery can last up for 1.5 days easily with some amount of juice (about 25%) still left. So battery life of this device is nothing short of excellent. This device also supports fast charging and comes with a turbo charger in the box. I think the battery life can be one of the main aspects of buying this smartphone.
Moto Z play comes with Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor. The performance of this smartphone is really good. There is no lag while using this device. The processor performs all day to day tasks without any issues. Multitasking is also good on this device. I don't face any problems in jumping between different apps and multitasking. All things go buttery smooth. This device is really snappy.
Snapdragon 625 comes with Adreno 506 GPU. So it also handles all graphic intensive takes without any issues. The gaming performance is also very nice on this device. It plays all the heavy games such as asphalt 8, nova 3, implosion etc. without any issues. There is no lag or frame drops while playing these games. There is no heating issues while playing all these games. Graphic rendering is also done very well on this device. So there is no problem in processing of this device.
Moto Z play has a front facing speaker which also doubles as a earpiece. The speaker is not that much loud. While playing media or doing any other stuff the speaker is just okay it is not that much good. While making calls through speaker, sometimes it is not adequately loud. So the sound output is just average on this device.
Cellular call quality
Cellular call quality is pretty good on this device. The network  reception is really good on this device. There is no problem while making or receiving calls. If we are making calls with earpiece then it is good but when we are using speaker the sound output is not that much great as I have already said. So it is advice able to use earpiece while calling.
User interface
User interface of this device is really good. It is very close to stock android. It doesn't come with any bloatware. The whole experience is really good. There is no lag in the interface. It feels that you are using a Google nexus device as it's interface is very close to stock android. Also the optimization between the software and the hardware is done very well. The device is really snappy.
Moto mods
The main feature of this device is that it is compatible the Moto mode which can be attached to the device to increase there functionality. There are various Moto mods available in the market but you have to actually buy it separately. They don't come bundled with the phone. There are many Moto mods such as camera, sound enhancer, battery pack, projector and various back covers. All these can attach to the phone's back at the specified place. Sound enhancer mod is made by JBL and is used to enhance the device sound to a great value. Camera mod is made by Hasselblad and this helps the device to give a DSLR feel where you can zoom to a very great extent. It comes Moto's self made projector mod which can be used to project the device's screen on the wall. But the projected screen is not very bright. Now the last one is battery mod which enhances the battery life of the device. It simply fits at the back and can be used as a simple battery. The battery amount which it provide is 2000mah. Moto also designed various back covers for the device which also fit like all these mods. All discussed mods above are really compact they are of the same size of phone and easily fits in pocket. One drawback here is that these mods add extra weight to the device and also increase the thickness of the device. Also we can use multiple mods at a time, we can only use one mod at a time. These mods can be purchased online. These mods are really expensive which adds extra cost to our budget. Pricing of different mods are listed below.
Camera mod: 19999 INR
JBL mod: 6999 INR
Projector mod: 19999 INR
Battery mod: 5999 INR
Final verdict
Moto Z play is very good device which is priced very well at 25000 INR. It has a very good design, great built quality, stock android like user interface, excellent battery life, a bright display but some shortcomings too such as bad speaker, average camera and expensive Moto mods. So it totally depends upon you that you want to buy this device or not. You can also consider other smartphones such as one plus 3 and xiaomi mi 5. One plus 3 is a better device than Moto z play. It got all things better than this except some such as battery life and premium build and design. But you have to spend extra 3000 INR for buying the one plus 3. And you won't get these mod functionality in it. So both the smartphones are good but it totally depend upon your choice what function you want in your device. For one plus 3 review you can check my previous reviews.



Friday, 11 November 2016

Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL
All of us are familiar with the Google's smartphone line up called by the name Nexus. Google only do the marketing of these smartphones and the devices are made up by partening with the OEMs. These OEMs do their branding on these smartphones. These are known to be Google's flagship devices. But Google has discontinued their nexus devices this year and introduced a new series called 'Pixel'. In this pixel series Google has done it's own branding. This year the OEM for this pixel device is htc. But Google has designed these new devices itself. Google actually launched two pixel smartphones that are Google pixel and Google pixel xl. Former having screen size of 5.0 inch and the latter having 5.5 inch. Today I will discuss only about Google pixel xl.

Display: 5.5 inch AMOLED display
Resolution: QHD display that is 2160p
Size: 5.5 inch
Weight: 168gm
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quad core processor with two cores cloaked at 2.15 GHz and other two cloaked at 1.6 GHz
GPU: Adreno 530
OS: Android 7.1 Nougat
Primary: 12.3 MP with f/2.0 aperture, Electronic image stabilization, Laser and phase detection autofocus
Secondary: 8MP with f/2.4 aperture
SIM: Single nano SIM
SD card: No
Battery: Non-removable Li-ion 3450mah battery
Sensors: Fingerprint, compass, proximity, gyro, accelerometer, barometer, auto brightness
USB: v3.0 Type-C 1.0 reversible connector
3.5 mm jack: Yes
Internal: 32/128 GB internal, 4GB ram
Protection: Corning gorilla glass 4
NFC: Yes
Google pixel xl has a very unique design. It has a combination of metal and glass design. It's back has a glass window at the upper portion and at lower portion it is made up of metal which gives a typical touch. The glass is protected by gorilla glass protection at back. It has a wedge shaped design that means it is a slightly thicker at the top than at the bottom. On top it has 3.5mm headphone jack and secondary noise cancellation. On front it has secondary camera, earpiece and proximity sensor. At back it has rear camera, dual LED flash, laser autofocus system and third noise cancellation. On bottom it has microphone, USB type C port and single speaker.
Although it has this much unique design of glass and metal at it's back, still it fails to impress much audience by it's design. It doesn't mean, this smartphone looks ugly but there are many other smartphones in this price range which looks more attractive than this such as Samsung galaxy s7 edge and apple iPhone 7. Google pixel xl is somewhat on the bulkier side, we can't use it with single hand. Google pixel xl looks premium but it could be better as seeing it's price.
 Google pixel xl has 5.5 inch AMOLED display having QHD resolution. The display on Google pixel xl is good. The colors look natural on this device. The viewing angles are also very good. The brightness levels are also nice. The brightness levels are not as good as apple iPhone 7 or Samsung s7 but the screen is still very good. Sunlight visibility is also good on this device, it is clearly visible in direct sunlight. So Google has put a very good display in Google pixel xl.

Google pixel xl is powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor. This chipset is Qualcomm's latest flagship chip. Google has actually downgrade the processor cloak speeds. This phone handles all day to day tasks without any issues. It does all the tasks very fastly. Google pixel xl is  among one of the fluid devices available in the market. It also plays all heavy games such as asphalt 8, implosion, nova 3 etc. without any issues. There is no lag or frame drops while playing these games. Also there is no overheating issues while playing games. Google pixel xl has 4GB of ram and the ram management is very good on this device. The multitasking is really smooth on this device. You can jump between different apps without any lags.

Primary: The Google pixel xl has a 12.3MP rear camera having aperture of f/2.0. It has dual LED dual tone flash. Google is actually pouting very much about it's camera during the launch event, so let's see it's camera performance. The rear camera performance is very good on Google pixel xl. It's camera fully competes with the iPhone 7 and Samsung s7. The engineers have developed a new technology for the camera of Google pixel xl. The most amazing feature of it's camera is HDR+ mode. This feature is automatically at auto in this device but we can switch it  on or off or kept at auto mode according to our choice. In this mode camera actually captures 9 images in one click and stack these images together to reduce the noise levels. And believe me the shutter speed is really fast in HDR+ mode. It is not like other phones in which shutter speed slows down when HDR mode is on. It captures images as soon as you click the pic.
     In natural lightening conditions the pictures are really superb.  The color reproduction is also really good on this device. The colors are nicely saturated. There is lot of detail in the images. The noise levels are also controlled. In high exposure shots we should always keep HDR+ mode on to have better images. In artificial lightening conditions the pictures are again good. The colors look bright and there is less noise in images. In low lightening conditions the camera as usual performs well. There is noise in the pictures but noise can be reduced by switching on the HDR+ mode.
Also the panorama shots are really good. It can record video in many resolutions and frame rates. It can also record slow motion videos. But there is one defect in it's camera. There is a flare of lens in some pics taken. Google knows about this and is saying to fix it with an OTA update. The camera fully competes with the other flagships and in some aspects is better then others but in some aspects lag behind them.
Secondary: The secondary camera captures really good selfies. The color tones are good, the picture looks natural. There is lot of detail in the images. In low light we should use HDR+ mode to have less noise levels and to have brighter colors.

User interface
Google pixel xl comes with company's own developed user interface that powers mostly every phone in the market that is android. It comes with android's latest version that is android 7.1 Nougat. It is the only smartphone with android nougat available in market till now except the nexus series. Google pixel xl comes with stock android which doesn't include bloatware and is very customizable. The optimization between the software and the hardware is done very well by Google. The user interface is very fluid there is no lag whatsoever during usage. Google pixel xl is one of the most fluid devices available in the market. 

Sound output
Google pixel xl is equipped with a single speaker at the bottom. The sound output through this speaker is just average. The speaker is adequately loud to perform day to day tasks without any issue but is not as loud as Samsung galaxy s7 or iPhone 7. The sound output is clear without any disturbance. The media is also enjoyable on this device.

Cellular call quality
The cellular call quality is really good on Google pixel xl. There is no problem while receiving or making calls. The network reception is also good on this device. This device doesn't support VOLTE in India till now, so simply it means that it will not support Reliance jio but may be company will enable this feature in future with an update.
Battery life
Google pixel xl is equipped with 3450 may battery. The battery life is excellent on this device. We can easily get a screen on time of about 5 to 6 hours with a typical day usage. It's battery can last up for a full day with a single charge. The Google pixel xl comes with quick charging support, but the charging is not that much fast. It takes about 2.5 hours for full charging of battery from 10%.

New features
Google pixel comes with many new features. It comes with android's latest version that is android nougat. It comes with new Google's pixel launcher which is only available in this device yet. It comes with Google assistant feature which makes it more valuable. Now this feature is more user friendly and is more responsive. This Google pixel xl has some special features of Google assistant which other android phones will directly miss when they will get google assistant. Google pixel xl has a special functionality, that is when we long press any app it shows more options about that app. In this way we can directly do the task what we want without actually opening the app. So this is new functionality, it acts like 3d touch but Google pixel xl don't support 3d touch.
Pixel launcher
The new pixel launcher only comes in Google pixel xl. The pixel launcher is quite impressive. It doesn't have any app drawer. Most of the apps are rounded now. There is no bloatware on the device. It is also very customizable. Apps are now more rounded.

Final verdict
Google pixel xl 32GB version is priced at 67000 INR. At this price I think this phone is overpriced as compared to other devices available in the price segment such as Samsung galaxy s7 edge.
It has some features better than s7 edge but also lag behind s7 edge in others. For example camera of Google pixel xl is better but it has very boring design while on the other hand Samsung galaxy s7 edge has very premium design. S7 edge supports fast charging and is also dust/water resistant but Google pixel xl skips the both. And the price of s7 edge is just 50000 INR with micro SD card slot and extra sim slot too. So spending about 16000 INR more just for some new features with some shortcomings too is not a good idea. You should go for s7 edge or apple iphone7 even if the price is not an issue for you as Google pixel xl has some good features but it has more shortcomings. You should go for Google pixel xl only if you want to taste latest android experience, faster updates and best camera in this price range otherwise there is no reason to buy it.


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Huawei Honor 8

Nowadays many smartphone companies are launching camera centric smartphones. These smartphones are basically very good in camera department as company do a lot of work to make it's camera better than others in that price range. On 12th of October Huawei launched it's new device in India that is honor 8. It is the successor to the company's last  device in this line up Honor 7. Company launched this smartphone in competition to devices like one plus 3 and xiaomi mi 5. Company launched honor 8 as a camera centric smartphone. Huawei is very much touting about the camera of honor 8 during the launch event. Huawei only launched only one varient of this smartphone in India that is 32GB internal and 4GB of ram. This smartphone is priced at 30000 INR only. Let's checkout whether it is a good buy at this price range.

Size: 5.2 inch display
Display: LTPS capacitive touch screen
Resolution: 1080*1920 full hd
Weight: 153 grams
Thickness: 7.5 mm
Processor: Hisilicon Kirin 950 octa processor with 4 cores cortex A-72 and four cores cortex A-53
GPU: Mali-T880 MP4
OS: Emotion UI 4.1 based on android OS version 6.0(Maarshmallow)
Internal: 32GB
Ram: 4GB
Primary: Dual 12MP camera lens with aperture size f/2.2, laser autofocus, dual LED flash
Video: upto full hd @60 fps and 30 fps
Secondary: 8MP with f/2.4 aperture
Battery: non removable 3000mah battery
Sensors: compass, fingerprint, gyro, proximity, accelerometer, autobrightness
SIM: Single sim(nano sim)
Card slot: Micro SD card slot upto 256GB
3.5 mm jack: Yes

Honor 8 has glass and metal body design. The back is made up of glass which looks really shiny. The chases are made of metal. Due to this, the phone looks really premium. The volume keys and power on off buttons have some texture on them. The design of honor 8 is really compact, it easily fits in one hand. As the back is made of glass the phone is very slippery. So it is recommended to use a back cover to protect it from dents and scratches. Also the back is a good fingerprint magnet.


Honor 8 has a LTPS capacitive touchscreen which has full HD resolution. The colors look very good on this phone. The brightness levels are not good on this device. In indoors the screen is easily visible but in direct sunlight the display is not that much visible. It can be better than this.


Honor 8 is powered by the Hisilicon Kirin 950 processor. The processor is really good. The phone handles all the basic tasks easily without any lags. The processing is good on this phone. Gaming is also good on this device. It plays all the heavy games without  any issues. There is no lag or framedrops during gaming. There is also no heating issues during gaming. So the processing is good on this phone but it doesn't mean that the processing is as fast as snapdragon 820. But it performs all the day to day tasks without any issues.


Primary: The most amazing feature of honor 8 is it's camera as it has a dual camera support. It has dual 12MP camera with f/2.2 aperture. The pictures are really amazing with the rear camera. In natural lightening the pictures are really good. There is lot of detail in the pictures. It also produces good bouquet effect. The macro shoots are also good. In artificial lightening the pictures are also very good. The colors look good and the pictures are sharp. In low lightening too the pictures are good. There is noise in pictures but it is okay by seeing it's price. The rear camera performance is very good on honor 8 so it is really a camera centric smartphone.
Secondary: The secondary camera performs equally well as rear camera. It has a wide angle lens. The selfies shoot with the secondary camera are good. The color accuracy is good on honor 8.

Battery life
Honor 8 is powered by a 3000mah battery. The battery life is just average on this device. We can simply get a screen on time of just
about 3.5 to 4 hours. It won't even end up a full day. So the battery life on this device in that much great.
 Cellular call quality
Cellular call quality is also very average in this. During call reception the sound through earpiece is not good. The sound is muddy and we are not able to listen sometimes to the another person what is he saying. So the cellular call quality is not good.
The fingerprint works very well on this device. It is really responsive and unlocks the device as soon as you put your finger on it. The fingerprint sensor is actually a button so you can easily customize it for doing some work such as switching on the the flashlight.

User interface

Honor 8 has it's own customized user interface that is emotion UI which is based on android platform. It has android v6.0.1 marshmallow. The user interface is good on this device. It is very well optimized. The whole experience is really good. There is no lag in the interface. All things run really smooth and there is no lag whatsoever. The multitasking is also good on this device, we can jump between different apps and this is really snappy. Thanks to the 4GB ram which helps in good ram management.

VOLTE support

VoLTE support is simply missing on this device. At this price it doesn't support volte support which is even available on some of the basic devices available at six to seven thousand only. These days this feature is really important feature as it provides the user to make calls over 4G networks. So simply it will not work with reliance Jio to make calls however it can be used for the data connection.

Final verdict

Honor 8 is priced at 30000 INR. According to me at this price it is an overpriced phone. It has many good features such as best camera in this price range, good user interface, good design but it has many more drawbacks such average battery life, slippery body, absence of volte support, bad sunlight visibility and bad cellular call quality. At this price honor 8 is not a good buy at all until your only main priority is camera. There is much better phone in this price range that is one plus 3 which has all things better than honor 8 except camera and even it is 3000 less than honor 8 in price.


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