Monday, 7 August 2017

Lenovo ending it's Vibe UI

Lenovo Vibe's UI comes to an End

 Lenovo is all set to end it's Vibe User Interface. Vibe UI is the Lenovo's self made firmware based on android for it's smartphones. Nowadays almost every company is making their own firmware for their smartphones. So very few companies provide stock android in their smartphones. This self built firmware have a lot of changes in them as compared to stock android only their platform is same that is android. Like, these firmware have lot of bloatware, they have different look, they may have some additional features and many more. Many people like these firmware while some like only stock android based upon their choice.

But there is one main disadvantage for these firmware as these are made by companies themselves, the phones have slower updates as compared to others having stock android. Because it takes time for a company to work on the new version of android and make a firmware based on it. While the companies having stock android don't have to work much on it, they just have to select the best stock android firmware for their smartphones. 

So here Lenovo has taken a decision that, it will not power it's smartphones from now with Vibe UI. They will be powered by Stock android. From last year Lenovo is being criticized a lot as it doesn't provide updates to it's smartphones after two or three months of it's launch. So taking in mind of this condition Lenovo has taken a right decision of choosing stock android as it's official firmware for it's upcoming devices. It will help Lenovo to keep updated it's devices from time to time and it's customers will also be happy from this decision. As they will get faster updates of latest android version after some time of their availability in pixel/nexus devices.

So according to me it's a totally right decision of choosing stock android as their official firmware for future devices. By the way Lenovo K8 note will be the first Lenovo device to be powered by Stock Android. Lenovo K8 note is going to launch in India in next few days.


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