Friday, 15 September 2017

Google Pixel 2 unveiling date revealed

Google Pixel 2 unveil date revealed
We all know about the Pixel phones which come in the market last year. These phones are from most famous tech giant Google. These phones are not actually made by Google, OEM's of the phones are different but the marketing and pricing is decided by Google. Earlier phones from Google are known by Nexus. But last year Google closed it's Nexus series and introduced a new series Pixel. Last year Google launched two smartphones under this series that are Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL and OEM of these phones is HTC. And now it's time for the second series of the Pixel series.
Google is all set to launch the next version of Pixel series phones. According to a video which is posted on Google's YouTube channel and twitter too, Google Pixel 2 will launch on 4th October. In the teaser some of the key features of the phone are highlighted that are improved camera, longer battery life, improved Artificial Intelligence, better performance, better updates and much more which will make the phone even smarter.
Last year Google Pixel and Pixel XL are best camera phones of the year due to the HDR+ mode. And hopes are same in this year too from Pixels. These phones will be in the direct competition with Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG G6. So all things will be cleared on 4th Oct about the features of new Google Pixels.


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