Sunday, 22 October 2017

A suit against Apple for using the name Animojis

A suit against Apple by a Japanese company
Apple is sued by a Japanese company Emonster which holds the trademark for Animojis, which is a new feature in the new Apple iPhone X. The Japanese company is saying that Apple knows about the Animojis as the same named app is available on iTunes and instead of knowing this Apple has used this name for it's new feature in iPhone X.
Animoji is an app which is owned by Emonster which helps user to send moving emojis to the other user. In this, these emojis are send with the help of a code written in Java or Python and thus moving emojis are send to the other person. While Apple's feature is a little bit different, it uses the face recognition technology present on the iPhone X for creating these Animojis. The user has to make the face like what he wants for the Animoji to be look like. So the emoji will be created of the same face which we make in front of our phone.
But as these both have the same name Animojis, both involve moving emojis and both are involved on the same platform that is Apple, according to the lawsuit one should be ruled out of the other.
According to the suit apple knew about the trademark ownership as the app is available on the same platform. Also Apple offered to buy the trademark but when it was turned down it kept on using the same name, and didn't change the name.
Apple has also filed a petition in court this September to cancel the trademark of Emonster, which is under review. Apple said because of filing error, Emonster registered the trademark to a non existent  business and therefore can't actually own Animoji.
Emonster is seeking for unnamed amount of money in damages and also a law order to stop apple using the name Animoji for the new feature available on iPhone X.


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