Saturday, 14 October 2017

Potrait mode in camera is coming to more affordable phones

Portrait Mode is coming to more affordable phones as well

These days Portrait mode is becoming very famous in smartphone photography in which only the object gets focused and the background becomes blurry. So the picture looks really great in this portrait mode. But for this portrait mode an extra telephoto lens or wide angle lens is required to produce the depth effect which adds extra cost to the device. That's why this mode is restricted to high range phones only.

But Samsung on Wednesday came up with a new image sensor chip which uses the single lens to produce the portrait mode shots. Actually this is a dual pixel lens and these split pixels helps in generating the portrait mode photos. It's dual pixel are able to offer the slightest shift in the perspective when shot is taken. In a split second it is able to understand from two shots what to be kept in focus and what to be blurred out. This new camera chip is known as Fast 2L9.

This technology is already present on Google Pixel 2 which also uses the dual pixel to generate the portrait shots. Samsung came up with this chip because it wants to cut the extra cost for the extra depth sensor at the back and also to make the phone sleeker. So in future we will see affordable phones with this Portrait mode in their cameras.


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