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MWC 2018: What We Know So Far

MWC 2018: What We Know So Far

 MWC is the largest smartphone festival which held every year in Barcelona during the end of February and MWC stands for Mobile World Congress. In this festival various smartphone or non smartphone companies held their events in which they launch their tech related products or show some other technology to world. In these events many concept products of technology are also revealed to the world.  But basically this event is about smartphones and related technology. This year also MWC is going to start on 25th of February.
Today in this we will discuss about what we know so far  about MWC 2018.

 We know that every year Samsung launch it's flagship phone in the MWC. But last year due to the miss happening with the Samsung Note 7 in 2016, Samsung decided to not launch Samsung galaxy S8 in MWC 2017. So Samsung held it's separate event after MWC in March where it launched Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ in that event. But this year Samsung has confirmed that it will launch Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ at the MWC 2018. Samsung is holding an event on February 25th where it will launch these smartphones. So the first thing we know about this smartphone is that it will powered by Qualcomm's snapdragon 845 chipset and other Exynos model will be there. Next we know that the design of the smartphone will be more or less same that is glass design at front and back with 18:9 aspect ratio display.
But there are many rumors about the camera of the smartphone, the camera of Samsung Galaxy S9 will be really enhanced. It will come with some technology ISOCELL which was announced in last October which actually improves the image quality in low light. Also there is some three stack fast readout sensor called ISOCELL fast which will enable the full HD video recording at as high as 480fps. Also there will be improvement in the autofocus of the camera with enhanced Phase Detection Autofocus System. So these are some of the rumors we know so far about the latest flagship phone from Samsung.

Xiaomi is going to launch it's self made chipset Surge S2 at it's MWC event. Last year Xiaomi announced it's first self made chipset Surge S1 which powers the device Xiaomi Mi 5c. Surge S1 was a budget oriented chip which powers a budget phone.
But looking at the specs of Surge S2 it is not looking like the previous one. Surge S2 will be based on an octa core processor with eight cortex A-73 cores among which four cores are 2.2GHz each and other four are of 1.8GHz each. It will be helped by Mali-G71 MP8 GPU.
The first device to be powered by this cheapest is rumored be Xiaomi Mi 6x. So there are rumors that this mobile will be announced along side Surge S2. Xiaomi Mi 5x is known as Xiaomi A1 globally. So Xiaomi Mi 6x may be called Xiaomi Mi A2.
But Xiaomi Mi A1 is based on Google Android One program but there is no news about the another android one smartphone.

 HMD is also going to hold an event at MWC 2018. HMD actually launch phones with the famous brand Nokia. HMD is the company which creates an android future for Nokia. Last week the chief officer of HMD Global revealed a major showcase plans for MWC 2018 but he didn't reveal about the specific device. From some reports we came to know that HMD will launch Nokia 1, Nokia 4, Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 at the event. And Nokia 9 will be the flagship form the company of 2018. Rumors also suggest that Nokia 9 will have a dual selfie camera, a bezel less designed 5.5" display and a combination of 12MP and 13MP cameras at the back. Also the first smartphone of Android Go that is Nokia 1 is going to lunch on the same day.

Also there are rumors that HMD will showcase a smartphone with five cameras at the back. This type of phone is same as Nokia OZO lens that was debuted back in 2015. But in this phone actually seven holes are shown in the prototype which are in the form of circle and among these seven holes five are cameras and other two are flash. But producing a phone with five cameras at back is not an easy task, it is not like putting a dual camera setup. So I think this type of phone will launch somewhat late in 2018.

LG and Huawei

LG and Huawei are silent on MWC 2018. LG and Huawei have withdrawn their flagships launch from MWC 2018 because Samsung is launching it's new flagship Samsung S9 and Samsung S9+. LG withdrawal from the MWC 2018 is obvious as company has already declared that it's flagship lineup need to be reworked. So LG won't launch any of the flagship phone at MWC this year. But still LG is holding it's event at the MWC, so what will it show there? Maybe it shows some higher version of it's previous flagship that is LG V30. Also it can show some other concept phones like foldable phones at MWC event.

Now let's talk about Huawei, it is still quiet on it's flagship launch at MWC 2018. But if company will hold an event at MWC it will launch it's new flagship that is Huawei P11 or some say Huawei P20. Whatever company calls it, it will remain the flagship of the company. Some rumors also suggest that Huawei will hold an event just after the MWC for this device.

So these are some of the rumors about the smartphones which are going to launch at MWC 2018 event. You will be updated about all the rumors of MWC 2018 in future at Also MWC 2018 is going to held at Barcelona from  February 25th to March 1st.


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