Saturday, 27 January 2018

Reddit enables two factor authentification

Reddit Enables 2FA
Reddit has enabled a two factor authentication (2FA) after testing it with lot of beta testers and moderators. This feature is really important feature as it adds an extra layer of protection in your account. This type of feature is enabled by Google in Gmail accounts. And today here we will discuss about this Two Factor Authentication and how to enable this in your Reddit account.
First of all how does this work? When you login to your Reddit account, then you have to fill a 6 digit PIN to have access to your account. This 6 digit PIN is generated by your phone. After all this, you can have access to your account. This feature works in mobile apps as well as pc but you have to download an authenticator app like Google Authenticator to generate the OTP. This app generates these OTPs itself in certain time period after which the OTP expires and another OTP generates. And once an OTP has been generated you have to enter that OTP in the required field before it expires.
To enable 2FA, log in to your Reddit account, click on preferences in the top menu, then select password/email. Select the option to enable two-factor authentication, then follow the prompts to complete set-up.
This feature is required so that someone can't log in to your account even if he knows you password. So this feature is really helpful. Also it has 10 backup codes, which helps when you lose your phone or you have some issues with your authentication app. So you.
But in real life, is this feature really helpful? Google has also enabled this 2FA feature for it's Gmail accounts. But according to the report around 90% of the Gmail users don't use this feature. So will Reddit users also use this or not?


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