Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Samsung's Foldable Phones will come to reality this year

Samsung is seeing it's growth in Foldable display gadgets and Bixby Assistant
Samsung made a huge a profit last year due it's business in OLED displays and chip manufacturing. It supplied it's  OLED displays to many smartphone makers some of which are also present on iPhone X. Also it has left behind the largest chip maker Intel in revenue. Due to all this Samsung has gained a lot of profit last year.
So now the company has decided that it will make the foldable display gadgets a reality this year. In 2014 the company touted a lot about it's foldable displays which was a concept. But company want to make it reality. By the end of this year we can expect foldable display smartphones or tablets from the company. Actually many companies like LG and Microsoft are rumored to work on foldable display tablets from a long time, but no company has made it to reality.
 Now the Samsung is seeing a great profit in these foldable screens. So Samsung will surely launch some devices with foldable displays this year. These are expected to launch in the Q4 of 2018. These phones will totally change the market of smartphones as there is no such phone available till date.
Now let's talk about Bixby, the personal assistant just like Google Assistant which the company has put in it's latest devices Samsung Galaxy S8 ad Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Samsung is planning to install this assistant in many other devices. Samsung says it will enter new businesses related to Artificial Intelligence. So we can expect other companies using Bixby Assistant in their smartphones or they can make it available for every smartphone with an app.
Also the company is expecting that it's revenue will also increase this year with launch of it's mew flagship smartphones that is Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. The sales of it's large screen TVs will also go up due to sporting events in winter Olympics.


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