Monday, 29 January 2018

Samsung is working to fight against Apple's Face ID

Samsung may use combination of iris scanner and face recognition for u locking phone
We all know about super secure Apple's Face ID which the company implemented in Apple iPhone X. For this to work, Apple is having many sensors in iPhone X which work together to unlock the smartphone. This Face ID comes in place of Apple's previous unlocking technology Touch ID and company is claiming that this Face ID is more secure than Touch ID.
Now Samsung is also working on it's unlocking system and is planning to put some new unlocking system in it's new flagship. Earlier Samsung has Iris scanner, Face recognition and fingerprint sensor for unlocking the device which works individually for unlocking. But now according to the reports Samsung will use Iris scanner and face recognition in combination to unlock the phone.
Face ID actually detects the face with the help of infrared rays which it through on the user's face with the help of different sensors. That's why Apple iPhone X can also unlock the phone in dark as well. But the face recognition on Samsung's Note 8 don't work in dark. So company is planning to use iris scanner and face recognition in combination so that phone can be unlocked in dark as well.
Samsung is planning to use this technology in it's new flagship that is Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. This new feature will bring the unlocking system of Samsung pretty close to Apple's Face ID.
Samsung S9 will be launched at the MWC 2018. Samsung has already reveled the date of the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S9 that is February 25th.


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