Saturday, 10 February 2018

LG V30s with LG Lens to be announced at MWC 2018

LG V30s to be announced at MWC 2018
We already know that MWC 2018 is going to held from 25th February to 1st March at Barcelona. Also we know that LG will not launch any of it's flagship phone at the event. Company is saying that it's flagship lineup need to be reworked. LG has already declared this before MWC 2018.
But LG will launch a higher version of it's previous flagship at MWC 2018. The higher version of LG V30 that is LG V30s will be launched at the event. LG V30s will come with 256GB of Storage which is four times to that of provided in LG V30 that is 64GB.
Also the phone will come with a new feature that is LG Lens. LG Lens is same as Google Lens. LG Lens is based on vision based AI. When we capture a photo with LG Lens it will tell us the information regarding that object with AI technology. And this LG Lens will keep on understanding things own it's own according to our searches and preferences. 
This will help us in gathering information about the object like price, availability and many more just by putting in front of our camera. This is a really cool feature by LG. The phone is firstly expected to launch in Korea.


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