Thursday, 1 February 2018

Samsung is working on chipsets which can mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining chipsets by Samsung
Samsung is reportedly working on mining the chips which can mine crypto currency. We all know about crypto currencies which is a hot topic these days across the world. Till date only super computers can mine these crypto currency which have very powerful chipsets. But now Samsung has seen the potential in making such kind of chips.
These type of chips are of Application Specific integrated circuit chips. These type of chips are customized for a particular use rather than intended for general purpose use. This chips are used in digital voice recorder or high efficiency Bitcoin miners. The design of these chips was completed last year. But they came into use last year. ASIC chips are made by a Chinese company.
Samsung is saying that manufacturing ASICs will take only a small portion of it's production and won't affect the production of there chips of Samsung. Samsung will work with Taiwanese chip maker TSMC in making ASICs.
Last year Samsung earned a large profit in manufacturing it's  chipsets. It has left behind the largest chip maker Intel in revenue. So by this, Samsung becomes the largest chip maker company in the world in revenue and earned a lot due to this. That's why Samsung wants to expand it's chipset business. So it has chosen to manufacture ASICs which will mine crypto currency. And these days crypto currency is the hottest topic.
Samsung will give a tough competition to the Bitmain, which is the largest ASIC chip maker. It concludes around 70% of ASICs in the world. The advantage which Samsung has over Bitmain is that Samsung holds the largest Korean plant which manufactures semiconductors. But Bitmain will take advantage of it's reputation in market by taking large orders from it's previous clients.
Also the Samsung is working on GDDR6 chips recently which are GPUs to mine crypto currency. It will be very good for crypto currencies which are mined by GPU. Bitcoin can't be mined by GPU but some of the crypto currencies like Etherium can be mined by GPU.


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