Thursday, 8 March 2018

Google Lens is rolling out to every Android User via Google Photos

Google Lens is now available to every Android user
Last year Google announced Google Lens during Google I/O 2017 event. But it was first implemented in Google Pixel 2 in October. From last year October to now it was only exclusive to Google Pixel devices. And now Google has made this feature available for all the android users.
 Google Lens is just like a visual search engine. As the name suggest it works with the camera of phone. Google Lens gives information regarding the object or thing in the frame of camera. If we take our camera in front of any object it searches it on web and tells us about that. For example if we are at place about where we don't know anything, if we place our phone in front of any landmark with Google Lens open it will tell us about that place by searching about it on the web. So it is really helpful.
It can also do many other things. If we use it on something written it will read all the things and tell us about it from information on web. Also it can translate anything written in other language in our language. It can also scan QR codes. It can also read any business card and can save the contact information in our phone own it's own. It can also connect to a WiFi network when we show it WiFi label containing username and password. We can also use it on animals to know about their breed and other information.
Earlier Google Lens was only available on Pixel devices but now Google has made it available in all android devices via Google Photos. You just have to download the latest version of Google Photos on your phone and you can use this on your phone.
There are also many other things like Google Lens in the market like Bixby Vision announced with Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ and Image Analysis Toolset available on Play Store.


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