Saturday, 10 March 2018

Mario's icon will be shown in place of our location in Google Maps for a week

Mario icon in Google Maps

All of us are very well familiar the famous Nintendo's character Mario. Nintendo is a Japanese video game company which is very much famous for it's games like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda and many more. But the most famous among these is Mario. Today is March10, it's the anniversary of Nintendo's most famous game Mario. Mario is named according to it's release date that is MAR10, but it is pronounced Mario all over the world.
On the occasion of Mario's anniversary, Google has done some changes in it's Google Maps. In Google Maps our location will be shown by an icon of Mario character. Now in place of Blue Arrow there will be Mario character sitting in the car. This is available in the navigation mode only.
To get this feature on your Google Maps you just have to do the following things. Firstly you have to update your Google Maps to the latest version. Then you have to type some place to navigate. In the side of 'Start' button you will notice a grey '?'. You just have to tap on that '?' and a sound will appear similar to that in the Mario game when we press up button. After doing this, a message will be displayed on your screen: Oh Yeah! Mario Time! With a "Let's-A-Go" Navigation button.
This is a really fun feature from Google and Nintendo on the birthday of Mario. As you will move towards your destination the Mario character will also move in it's car. This Mario icon will stay in your Google Maps for one week starting from today. Also this feature will only work with car mode selected as mode of traveling.


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