Monday, 5 March 2018

Flagship Artificial Intelligence features coming to mid range phones

Qualcomm snapdragon 700

In today's world the most hot topic in the technology is Artificial Intelligence which means that devices to have their own intelligence. It means that devices to adapt according to our preferences, whatever we do on our device, it should keep an eye on it and next time when we will do the same work the device should remember our preference and should assist us in completing the task more easily.
So these days the tech companies are making the devices more smart by giving this Artificial Intelligence feature. Every device runs with the help of processor which is the brain of any device, so this processor should be fast enough to support this Artificial Intelligence. Qualcomm is the major chipset company for smartphones. Many of the smartphone brands prefer to go with Qualcomm's snapdragon chipsets.

Qualcomm's snapdragon chipsets mainly come in three series 400, 600 and 800. Budget phones have 400 series, Mid rangers have 600 and Flagships use 800 series. As 800 series is used by Flagships, it means that this has the best capability of Artificial intelligence. On the other hand snapdragon 600 series is comparatively weaker in Artificial Intelligence.
So Qualcomm has introduced a new series of chipsets known as Snapdragon 700 which will have AI capabilities equivalent to 800 series. This 700 series will have Kryo cores and an Adreno GPU. This will be twice as fast compared to 600 series in AI capabilities. This includes many tasks ranging from machine learning to speech recognition. Also there will be enhancements in camera.

This snapdragon 700 series chip will be present in mid ranger smartphones. Also there will be battery enhancements in the phones. The power consumption will be less as compared to 600 series. Also it will support fast charging which translates to 50% full in 15 minutes.


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