Friday, 6 April 2018

It's Time For Xiaomi To Release it's Gaming Smartphone

Black Shark Gaming Smartphone

Xiaomi is a great Chinese company which offer phones at a very reasonable price. Xiaomi phones are very famous in Asian countries due to it's aggressive pricing. Xiaomi has given us some of the great phones in it's Xiaomi Mi series, Mix series and mid range Redmi series. But now I think Xiaomi wants to try something new in it's smartphone market.
Xiaomi owns a gaming company named Black Shark. Xiaomi is planning something with Black Shark. This shows that Xiaomi is going to do something in the gaming side but what? Xiaomi is planning to launch a gaming smartphone in the name of  Black Shark. As many of the companies like Razer has launched it's gaming phone that is Razer Phone, Black Shark gaming smartphone will compete with them.
Xiaomi has confirmed that this phone will be launched on 13th April in an event in china. The phone will be branded with the name of Black Shark as it is easier to pronounce than Xiaomi. Also this phone will be exposed to the whole world unlike Xiaomi phones which are only confined to some Asian countries.
A teaser is already out showing some of the looks of the phone. It is revealing a curvy corner. Now let's talk about some of the hardware of the phone. The phone will be definitely powered by one of the Qualcomm's Chipset as Qualcomm's branding can also be seen on the invite. And most probably this chipset will be Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 chipset as this is the fastest chip from Qualcomm yet and gaming phones usually require powerful chips.
Also there should be ample amount of storage available in the gaming phone as games occupies more storage. So Black Shark phone can have upto 256GB of internal storage. It also requires more RAM, so there will be 6 or 8GB of RAM in the phone. A good display is also required for good gaming experience, so we are expecting there will be a 120Hz display and also this display will have HDR support.
This is all we know about the new Black Shark gaming phone. Xiaomi has already confirmed that the phone will launch on 13th April. One more thing to note that this phone will be priced aggressively just like other Xiaomi phones. So may be it will be cheaper than Razer Phone. We will cover all the features of the phone here at Foneswag once it is out, so stay tuned.


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