Saturday, 18 August 2018

Here is all what S pen in Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can do

S-Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

 You must have heard about the famous flagship series from Samsung that is Note series. Samsung Galaxy Note phones are always famous for their stylus known as S-Pen. Last week Samsung launched it's new phone in Note series that is Samsung Galaxy Note 9. With every series of Note smartphone their is some change in the S-Pen. So let's see what are the changes with this new S-pen.
S-pen is a small stylus in the shape of the pen which can be put in the phone in it's slot provided downside the phone. This can be used to use the phone in case you don't want to use it with your hand. It can do all the tasks which you can do with your hand. Earlier this was developed only for this purpose but later on a lot of functionalities are added to it. This S-pen on Note 9 is the best S-pen till now and probably the best stylus available in the market.

 The most interesting feature this time is that S-pen comes with Bluetooth connectivity. So it can be now connected to phone via Bluetooth. This is helpful in many ways. This can be used as a Bluetooth remote. It has a small battery inside which takes power from the phone itself. This battery will last for about half an hour after which you have to put it back inside in it's slot and battery can be charged to 100% in just 40 seconds after which you can use it again for half an hour. This S-pen has a small button on it which helps to use it as a remote.

With this Bluetooth implementation there are various things which you can do. You can setup any app to open up with a long press of this button. We can take photos with this button with just one click and double tap to change the camera from front to back or vice versa. We can also use this button in a presentation to change the slides with it's click. We can also use it in gallery to change photos. We can use this button to play or pause videos. This is helpful when we are streaming the videos on a bigger screen. So these are mainly all the tasks which we can do with this button on S-pen.

The most common thing which you can do with this S-pen is note down notes on your phone. This is the most basic feature which is avialble on these phones from a long time. There is quick note app which comes preinstalled in the phone where you can note down something. To launch it just hold the button on S-pen and double tap the screen anywhere, it will directly launch the quick note.

Next thing which we can do with this S-pen is drawing. This is really helpful in creating artistic things. There is a dedicated app which comes with this phone in which we can see all the users who draw something creative using S-pen on their Note devices. We can also post our creative work on this app. We can follow those persons as well many others can also follow us. So it's really good feature provided by Samsung in their Note devices.  

This year Samsung has presented something new with it's S-pen like Bluetooth integration. This is called innovation. Earlier S-pen was only included as a simple plastic stylus to use with the phone where you can write, draw or use it just normally to use the phone. But now you can use it as a remote which is really good. For this we have to really appreciate R&D department of Samsung.

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