Thursday, 23 August 2018

So how Good is Samsung Dex?

Samsung Dex

Phones are getting a lot advanced year by year. Each year many new innovations are coming in phones. One such innovation is using your phone as a desktop. This is known as docking your phone with some special device. In last few years many companies have tried to this but none succeeded. But with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, company introduced Samsung Dex Pad which can be connected to a monitor. With it's help a new interface opens up in the monitor which has a desktop interface. All other flagship devices after Samsung S8 supports this. And with each flagship device there is some change in the design of this Dex station. A few days back Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in which this Dex stuff changed totally.

 So Samsung Dex firstly came up with Samsung Galaxy S8. This pad is in circular shape where you can place your phone tilted to an angle with vertical. In this there was a Samsung Dex pad which has USB Type-C dock where we have to place our phone and put it in the slot. Behind it there is a HDMI port to connect it with monitor. And there are two USB ports for connecting keyboard and mouse. There is also an Ethernet port. There is a USB Type-C port for charging the phone as well as powering the device. This Dex pad has a special design as to dissipate heat generated in the phone when placed on the pad.  

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ they came up with a new Dex station. This new Dex station is in the shape of rectangle. Here we can put our phone horizontally with it's screen facing us by putting it in the USB Type-C dock. As the device is now horizontal we can use it as a mouse and navigate the cursor with our finger on our phone's screen. This time there is not any Ethernet port on Samsung Dex station. All other ports are still there like HDMI, USB and Type-C.

But with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, company has totally changed the game. Now you don't need any Dex pad or Dex station, you just need a HDMI to USB Type-C connector. Just connect your phone to the Type-C port and the HDMI port to the monitor. You don't need any extra pad or station for connection. But now you must be wondering that how to connect any extra mouse or keyboard. For this Samsung is also supplying a multi port connecter which also includes USB ports to connect keyboard and mouse but if you don't want to purchase this you can simply use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

When we connect our phone to Samsung Dex it takes maximum performance from the chipset as it is a heavy task and tends to increase the temperature of the device. That's why in earlier Samsung Dex there is a specific Dex pad or station which is specially designed to dissipate heat generated in phone. But with Samsung Note 9 there is no such thing, we already have a carbon cooling technology which keeps the phone cool. So with this phone we don't need any special pad or station.

Now we have talked a lot about the design of different Samsung Dex pad or station now it's time to take a look at the interface of the Samsung Dex as a desktop. We can run all apps which are installed on our phone on Samsung Dex which open up with different windows. There is an app drawer in the interface which contains all the apps. We can also place apps on the desktop as well. There is also a taskbar at the bottom which shows all the apps running. Also we can resize the different windows but not with all the apps. On the right side at the bottom there is notification bar, battery percent and lot of other stuff like available networks and Bluetooth.

The performance of the Dex is also good. It opens up apps quickly and they work fine as well. You can also play games on Dex which are installed on your device. And that too work fine there are no lags and game play is smooth. But there is one problem in playing games that is you can't play it in full screen. The size of window is always less than the full screen. But still the game play is smooth. You can also connect any special gamepad with it like remote or joystick to play games easily. And with one and a half year of Samsung dex there is not much change in the Interface of Samsung Dex. But if you want to do heavy tasks on this Samsung Dex then it's not for you. It's good for running all the android apps on a bigger screen but you can't do all the tasks on it which you can do on a PC or MacBook. Don't expect any miraculous performance from this Samsung Dex.  


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