Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Why do people want a 3.5mm jack in phones?

3.5mm headphone jack
Smartphones are the devices which are meant for doing a lot of tasks in very less time and without any difficulty. One of those tasks is entertainment. Smartphone is a very good source of entertainment. You can play games here, listen to music, watch movies, videos and a lot of other things. But all of these entertainment tasks are of no use until there is no audio. Audio lets you listen to the sound and make all these tasks more entertaining. So audio is a really important component. For sound output there is a speaker in the smartphone which converts electrical signal to sound.  
Instead of this speaker there is one more thing by which we can listen to sound and that is headphone jack. This is in the shape of a cylindrical hole in the phone and we connect a 3.5mm connector to it which is there in headphone or earphone. These headphones are really useful as listening to audio via headphones have a totally different fun. The sound will be really immersive, nobody will be able to know what you are listening to and there is also total noise cancellation, so there won't any noise interruption with your audio.
But these days smartphone companies are trying to vanish ports in the phone so many of the companies are ditching 3.5 mm headphone jack in their phones. But this creates one more problem of not listening to audio via headphone jack. The quality of sound via headphone jack is really good. But as this jack is vanishing we have to rely on some other alternatives such as wireless headsets. These wireless headsets connect via Bluetooth to your device. The sound via these Bluetooth connected headsets is not great as the wired headsets which connect with 3.5mm jack. 
These Bluetooth connected headsets doesn't address latency issues which proves problematic while gaming and watching videos and it's an issue we don't get with the wired headsets. Also the sound quality is not as good as wired headsets. So Qualcomm noticed this issue carefully and came up with a really cool thing at IFA 2018.
At IFA 2018 Qualcomm announced a new version of aptX audio platform. With this aptX you will be able to listen really high resolution, robust and immersive audio through wireless technology, which means there won't be any requirement of 3.5 jack in the phone. And also it is not just focused on music listening, there are other things as well like gaming and watching videos. It dynamically adjusts audio performance without any manual control.
This is really cool step by QUALCOMM as many of the companies are ditching the headphone jack in their devices. Qualcomm is saying that it will come with it's latest flagship chip that is Snapdragon 855 which will be announced in December this year and the first device powering this chip will most probably be launched at MWC 2019. So the first device having this new Bluetooth technology will be available in 2019. The company is claiming that this new technology will definitely replace 3.5 mm jack from the phone but real picture will come out only when this will be tested in 2019.


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