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Rumour roundup: iPhones 2018

iPhones 2018: All the Rumors
Apple is all setup to launch it's new iPhones of this year on September 12. We have heard of lot of rumors about the new iPhones till now. And we are going to discuss all those rumors today in this article whether be it's display, processor, name, design and the rest.
First thing which comes in mind is that how many phones will Apple launch this year as it launched three new iPhones last year in the event that are iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X among which iPhone X is the special edition phone on Apple's iPhone  10th anniversary. This year also there will be three iPhones at the event among which two will be successor to iPhone X and one will be the cheaper one. 
And now you must be thinking what will be their names, so the cheaper one will be known as iPhone 9 and the other two will be iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. But we have reports that Plus version will be named iPhone XS Max. So whatever be the names let's discuss the internals of the phone and their design. iPhone X will have a screen size of 5.8" while XS plus will have screen size of 6.5". The design of both the phones will be very similar to iPhone X which means that notch design. 
Both the phones will be having OLED displays on the front. And this time the quality of the displays will be even better than iPhone X.  The front screen will be same with very small bezels. The notch on top will be having all the sensors, camera and face ID technology which unlocks the phone by firing infrared waves on face. Also the back will be made up of glass and the placement of the rear camera will be same.
The design of iPhone 9 is unknown. It is expected that it will have a screen size of 6.1". It will also be having the bezeless screen on the front just like other two models. But we are doubtful that the company will provide the same notch on this iPhone or different. The screen of this phone will be a LCD display and that too with lower resolution than other two iPhones. We are still unsure about the back of the phone whether it will be glass or metal. This will be cheaper than other two phones so company has to do some cost cutting.
iPhones are always known for their fast performance. First of all their A series chips are really good and secondly the optimization between hardware and software is awesome which helps in improving the performance of the phone. This year iPhone XS and XS plus will be powered by the all new A-12 chip. This chipset will be based on 7nm architecture thus making the chip size small and comparatively faster. The performance will be really good by seeing the track record of Apple. Also there will be a all new GPU for the phone which will increase the performance by 20-25% as per the rumors say. iPhone 9 will also have the same processor as that of other two iPhones.
This year the iPhones will be available in multi colors but the frame will remain same on all the phones that is stainless steel in iPhone XS and XS Plus while iPhone 9 on the other hand will have an aluminum frame. Both iPhone XS and XS plus are rumored to come in dual SIM models which will be the first iPhones officially to have dual SIM.
This year camera is also rumored to be improved. iPhone XS is rumored to have dual rear camera setup, iPhone XS plus to have triple camera setup and iPhone 9 to have a single rear camera setup. If this news is true, iPhone XS plus will be the second phone in the  market to have triple camera setup. Also there will be increment in battery capacity of the phones. iPhone XS Plus is rumored to have a massive battery of 3400 mah and iPhone XS to have a battery of 2700 mah. 
And lastly, these are just rumors and leaks, nobody knows the real story. But there are not many days left for the real picture to be revealed. Apple is holding an event on September 12 in California, US where it will reveal all three new iPhones along with new Apple watch and new iPad. But I am most excited about the cheaper version of iPhone this year that is iPhone 9.     


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