Thursday, 6 September 2018

Xiaomi launched it's first Mi Wireless charger just at $10

Mi Wireless Charger

 We all must have heard about the wireless charging which is getting really famous these days in phones to charge the battery. As the name implies, wireless charging means charging the device without any wires, directly connected to your phone. For this you just need a wireless charging pad and a phone which supports fast charging. We just have to put the phone on the pad and it will charge your phone's battery. This pad will get power from the electric mains via a charger. So basically this pad will be connected to the charger and phone will be placed on this pad. We won't go into deep how this actually works.
These days this wireless charging is mainly available only in flagship devices as there is some extra arrangement needed in the phone. This extra arrangement adds to the cost of the phone. So this is generally available in the flagship phones which can the bear the cost of this wireless charging. Phones like Samsung S series, Note series, iPhones, LG flagships and many more support this. There are a lot of wireless chargers available in the market but they are actually really costly. So keeping this in mind, Xiaomi came up with a cheap wireless charger known as Mi Wireless Charger.

Mi wireless charger is based on generally accepted Qi standard. So it will only charge your phone if your phone also supports Qi standard wireless charging. This charger can support charging upto 10W. The body of this pad is made up of aluminum with silicone layer at top. It is connected to charger via a USB Type-C port. If you will use a fast charger of 18W this pad will be able to charge the phone at 10W or 7.5W and if you will use a normal 10W charger the phone can be charged at 5W.

This pad also has an LED light to tell whether your phone is charging or not. Also it can charge the phone upto a distance of 4mm, so the phone can be charged even with a case applied. The wireless charger comes with a lot of protective features such as temperature protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection and power protection. These protective features will help in safe charging of your phone and in case of any emergency these will be helpful in protecting your phone or any other hazard. This charger can charge phones like iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8plus at 7.5W and Samsung S9/ S9+ and Note 9 at a rate of 10W.  

But this charger is only available in China till now. And there are no words of it's availability in other markets. But just at CNY 69 or $10 it is a great deal. 



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