Thursday, 4 October 2018

Oppo Find X: A true Bezeless Phone

So how good is Oppo Find X?

 All the smartphone users must have dreamt of a full end to end display smartphone which will have barely have any bezels. Many of the smartphone companies came up with their phones which have reduced bezels and large aspect ratio displays. These phones are Xioami Mi Mix, Samsung S series, LG G6 and many more but all of them have a bezel chin on top or bottom. Now you will say that what about notch display phones like iPhone X and Essential Phone. But they also don't have full end to end display due to that notch.

Actually the main problem is the placement of front camera, ear piece and sensors which are either mounted on the notch or the grill. But now Oppo has tried to diminish this problem too. Oppo few months back came up with a smartphone with a slider camera mechanism. The camera slides from top of the phone each time when we have to use the phone's camera. Also face unlocking tech is embedded within this sliding module. We will discuss more about this slider in detail in later part. With this they made a phone with an end to end display. This phone is Oppo Find X. So toady is this article we are going to discuss about Oppo Find X.

Oppo Find X comes with a stunning design. The first thing you will notice about this phone is it's screen which has full end to end display without any notch or grill on top or bottom. The side bezels are also very thin which makes this phone a true bezeless phone. No company till now is able to manufacture a true bezeless phone. Oppo Find X has a large 6.42" AMOLED type display. Even if this display is so large we can hold this phone easily with one hand. The resolution of this display is 1080*2340 pixels with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on front.

The back of the phone is also very premium. It is a curvy back with glass build. The edges are curvy and corners are rounded which reflect light from different angles and gives a crystalline feel. The build quality of phone is really good. It looks really premium. The back of the phone is really eye catching which comes in two different colors that are Bordeaux Red and Glacier Blue. Both the colors look really good and gives crystal effect to the phone. The frame of this phone is made of aluminum.

Now let's have a look at the performance of the device. The phone is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 chipset which is an octa core chip with four Kryo cores cloaked at 2.8 GHz each and other four Kryo cores cloaked at 1.7 GHz each. And all know about the performance of this chip. This is the flagship chip of this year form Qualcomm. So we needn't worry about the performance of this device. For better graphics it has Adreno 630 GPU. So the phone will be able to handle all the graphic intensive tasks and games without any issues. The chipset is built on 10nm architecture. The hardware of this device is a complete flagship package.

Now let's see the main feature of this smartphone that is slide out module. This slide out module houses the main camera, front camera and 3D face scanner. This comes out every time when we have to take a photo or have to unlock the device. As it doesn't have any fingerprint scanner we have to completely rely on face scanning to unlock the device. The sliding out mechanism is really smooth and quite fast. Now you must be thinking where is the ear piece for taking calls. For calls you don't have to slide the module the earpiece grill is on the module and glass lets  the sound through. This slide out module is also pressure sensitive which means if it feels slight pressure on top it will automatically get closed.

The main camera at back is a dual camera setup which is 16MP, f/2.0 + 20MP, f/2.0. Here the secondary lens is just a normal sensor for depth sensing. The Primary lens is Optically Stabilized. There is a full fledged manual mode for professional shots. It can also capture portrait shots. There is also a 2x optical zoom. The camera can record videos upto 4K @30fps and 1080p also at 30fps. There is no support for 60fps video recording. It can record slomo 1080p videos at 240fps and 720p videos at 480fps. But there is no support for 60fps video recording. Front camera is a 25MP shooter with f/2.0 aperture. This can also capture portrait shots which is possible due to 3D face camera on front. The camera of this phone doesn't seem to be that much promising as other flagships camera do.

Oppo Find X runs on Color OS which is built on Android Oreo. Color OS is far from Stock Android. The UI is well optimized so all the tasks are quite snappy. But it's not that bad actually. It is a little bit complicated but person can be used to it. There are actually a lot of gestures to switch between apps, for home screen and split screen. An always on display is also here. There is no 3.5 mm jack which is a great disappointment. There is also single speaker on the device which means no stereo speakers. There is no app drawer in the User Interface. 

Oppo Find X comes with a 3730 mah battery which is enough for a phone running on Snapdragon 845 as it is a very power efficient chip. There is USB Type C port for charging the phone. There is fast VOOC charging in the device which claims to charge the phone from 0-50% just in 30 minutes. There is no wireless charging support in the phone.

Now comes the pricing of the phone. Here in India the phone is priced at 60000 INR and in China it is priced at 5000 Yuan. It seems that Oppo is charging a little bit extra for that motorized sliding module. But it is a nice start from Oppo to incorporate that sliding module to make bezels a lot slimmer and producing a full end to end display phone. It will be interesting to see the second generation of this phone.


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